Lost in the maze of mental health? Facing complex challenges? Consider a second opinion, consultation, or therapy.

Clients are welcome too

In the beginning (2010), the blog was for anyone interested in psychotherapy. Soon it became home for many people dealing with intense attachment to their therapist. That made me aware of the need for a better way to train therapists. I don't use fancy language, but I don't dumb anything down either. All materials are open to clients as well as professionals. In the STORE, find my free eBook, Getting the Most From Your Therapy.

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My Practice

I am accepting a limited number of new clients where my experience can help the most. I am especially ready to help out with consultations, second opinions, and complex situations, including trauma and addiction, where I can help guide the treatment in the right direction.

My approach integrates a broad range of techniques and concepts as you can see from my blog posts. I am primarily focused on psychotherapy, but prescribe medication when needed.

Practical Information:

Tel:  +1914-725-3901

Fax:  +1914-259-5280

Residents of New York (or countries like the UK, where local licensing is not required) please leave a phone message. I do not participate in any insurance plan, but provide paperwork for out of network reimbursement. My office location for in-person visits is 260 Garth Road, Apt. 2J4, Scarsdale, New York, 10583. I work on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, in the office or remotely.