1. What if I can't afford the Elite program

  • Join Asynchronous course
  • Buy textbook and access free materials.

  • Get free eBook and follow podcast free.

2. Will this approach clash with what I already know?

  • No. It is compatible with modern versions all major theories and schools of therapy.

3. Will it add more complication to what is already overwhelming?

  • The ideas you will learn are clear, presented in plain language, and easy to apply in the real world.

  • Idea-tools are designed to follow the distinctions and cleavage planes of nature.

  • Soon what you have learned will just seem like reality.

4. Can I take just one trimester?

  • Yes. You can stop at any point, but they are meant as a sequence, so completing the earlier trimesters is required for enrollment in the second and third ones.